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Drone videography

The sky has always managed to spark our curiosity. Hot air balloons, gliders, planes, helicopters, … Countless efforts have been made to conquer the skies. Since a few years, exploration of the airspace has been brought to a bigger audience with UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), more commonly called drones. Make no mistake however, flying a drone takes practice, skill, and a good set of nerves.

We are licensed to fly in the entire EU region (considering some local rulings that may apply) and we always follow the principles of “practice makes perfect”. When off the job, we still practice our manouvres, agility skills, and control. Of course, we also keep ourselves up to date with the ever evolving rulings, to guarantee a legal and above all, safe flight.

I will push the limits of what’s possible for my clients. I will not push the limits of safety.

Jan schepens
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